Why to Join Online Aaditya Test Series (OATS-2021)

  • A Series of ConcepTest (10 Part tests), AatmaManthan (6 Mixed Part Test), and AatmaGyan (9 Full Syllabus Test)

  • Every Test will be based on NEET-pattern

  • ConcepTests are Unit-wise Test based on NCERT Class-11 and Class-12 Syllabus.

  • AatmaManthan Tests are mixed Unit Tests.

  • AatmaGyan Tests are full length syllabus Test.

  • The Platform is based on ThinkExam, a leader on conducting Online Tests in India.

  • Each of the Test will be followed by live discussion with Subject Matter Experts.

  • The questions will be selected based on AI from huge questions database.

  • The achieved rank in the test signifies your in-depth understanding of the subject.

  • For Tricky questions, know the smarter way to solve and save time.

  • Learn to avoid silly mistakes.

  • Learn making the communication with questions, as once you understand the question, only the half of solution remains.

  • Join Online Aaditya Test Series, and get the best opportunity to improve the rank.

  • The entire package comes at @ Rs7000 Only

  • Please inquire, if you want test series only.